This is a big disappointment to me. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks Antonio How do you navigate SqueezeCenter? I had to install mplayer for alienbbc to work I need to try spinning the hd down, etc. It’s more of a “how” than a “why” sort of overview I cut and pasted from it to do the actual setup but I am sure you will be able to get lots of help from this forum as you set things up.

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SMBus I adapter at i2c-0 Do you want to scan it? I’m fairly confident that XP will work.

My only concern is delay on the Squeezebox itself, when scrolling. I’ll post ms-77418 separate question about that later on. But I tried a couple more times with the same result, but for some reason my last try got me booted. Now on to my question. I will have to look into that.

I did not have to change anything on the mysql install, apparmor, or anything else to get this up. Have you turned on pm-utils logging? At times some others here have mentioned the same or similar problems coming back from suspend — has the problem cleared up for you, or is it still an issue? YES Module loaded successfully.


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Using Hickenbottom’s AutoRescan plugin, when tends to peg the CPU on rescans, the ms-748 kicks up into the clearly audible range while the scan runs. My problem is the same whether I issue the command pm-suspend –quirk-s3-bios –quirk-vbestate-restore from a terminal session within a Gnome session, or after booting to text model.

I accepted all the defaults on the install and the install said is was completed successfully. Are you using the latest-and-greatest BIOS update for your machine? Finally, S3 and wol that “just works. Heat seems to be no problem. I’ve been putting them in the DVD drive bay, secured by a single screw with a bit of anti-static bag underneath to insulate the bottom of the drive. That problem is the same with or without the quirks on pm-hibernate.

I plan on replacing the Via boards in a couple of mini-itx servers with this board if the tests go well.

Please make sure the Model Number: Then put your USB drive in the port, run the program, and point it to where you unzipped the Win98 files win the previous step. I honestly believe that this started cropping up with the latest kernel release pushed out by the Fedora folks: Thanks all for the feedback. Inicio de ventana Agregar a lista. I’ve placed a 2nd WindPC in “production” in Montreal.

New Drivers  WEP HQ 1070 DX DRIVER

It would be good to know if the more aggressive fan you’re noticing in 1.

Problem is I’m using an 11 year old CRT that takes a moment to come to life even when warm. Should be much better than a standard install ext3 2.

One specific issue with this platform is its horrible interrupt handling both disk and network adapter flood the CPU with interrupts, so transferring a file with FTP will be limited not by the Mb network speed, but by the CPU. What are you using mwi suspend: Minimum 2″ protective cushioning on all sides.

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Then I powered ms7-418 and tried again. The system I now have set up is very funky. Starting the service reports back the same info: