In case of office applications the technology makes images softer and, therefore, more comforting for your eyes. But the main parts of the card, including the SIS coprocessor, are in their due places: But till recently all solutions based on the SIS 3D chips had inferior quality. What does it mean? Test system and drivers Testbed: How funny the names are: The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card.

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In case of the software emulation the Radeon is far ahead. There is also general information about the card: With the current crop of videocards using larger and larger PCB’s, and drawing more power then ever before it was very refreshing to see the relative small size and simplicity of the ECS AG If the prices are equal the Xabre will lose.

You’ll see SiS chipsets powering all manner of PCs from well-known system integrators in both desktop and mobile form. Branching out here, SiS launched a couple of budget-orientated graphics cards last year under the moniker of Xabre.

Transcend Xabre 400 64MB Graphics Card Review @ TechMods

On the other hand, the SIS Xabre doesn’t support anisotropy, vertex shaders and default trilinear filtering. Remember that overclocking is not a standard mode, xabrf is why you should preserve the card from early damages.

And 64bm SIS Xabrewhich is currently not paid due attention to, is speeding up as well. For estimation of 3D performance of the card we used the following benchmarks: And they are emulated 6mb efficiently than the forced emulation of the ATI’s solution. Now we have the synthetic tests of the 3DMark About Us Employment Privacy Policy.


The pixel shaders are evidently of the hardware nature, and as the complexity level of the shader grows SIS catches up and even outedges ATI.

As for the tested sample, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and 040 Bargo cable it showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies: After installation of the drivers you will see below an icon for the control functions.

SiS’s Xabre graphics processor – The Tech Report – Page 9

Let’s estimate the quality. It must be noted that the results of this test are unachievable for real applications where triangles are much greater, and textures and lighting are used. We haven’t considered yet operation of the Xabre in other tests but soon we will test one more video card based on this processor – stay tuned!

This package is designed for the whole Xabre series and the chip used is marked in a circle below. Price will be a determining factor. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

We will also compare performance of 64MB and MB cards.

In this test cabre Radeon takes the lead in the optimized model, probably, at the expense of the better vertex caching; in the other cases the first position belongs to the Xabre. It’s impossible to disable VSync forcedly, but all tests used today can do that on their own. EMBM works, but the drop is significant. The video card has a cooler from ThermalTake such coolers are sometimes installed on GeForce3 Ti cards. Optimized Mesh Xare test defines a real maximum throughput of an accelerator as far as triangles are concerned.

New Drivers  DSM618D DRIVER

Last time the Xabre left not very good impression. This is what was earlier known as Turbo Texturing which could be altered by making changes in the Registry: In case of office applications the technology makes images softer and, therefore, more comforting for your eyes.

DFI SiS Xabre 400 (X400-T2) 64 MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter

Well, if your motherboard supports 8x AGP, data will get to the videocard faster, which in theory improves overall 3D performance. So, the new Xmart Technology consists of three parts and is available in the new 4000 version called Xminator II: Conclusion The most important conclusion is that the GeForce4 MX will soon kick the bucket provided that the prices do not change.

Persistency of SIS in promotion of its new product and improvement of the chip production technology is not unnoticeable, and there are such companies as Joytech and Gigabyte which are dealing with the Xabre!