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Increasingly those who choose to study, internship or work at least one season in another country. Either at the time of study, internship or find work, it is essential to have a sworn translation valid and proper titles, certificates and transcripts allowing approved studies and a correct translation the cover letter and curriculum vitae of which takes into account variations, format changes and particularities of each country. Knowing the language is not enough; It is necessary that the translators know the educational systems of different countries and the formalities and peculiarities of different labor markets, requirements that translators meet.

In general, ministries, institutions and organizations from different countries require that the translation of academic documents is sworn. We usually translates academic documentation as:

  • Notes that the sworn translation
  • Sworn translation of notes of high school
  • Bachelor’s degree-sworn translation
  • Certified training title translation
  • Bachelor’s degree-sworn translation
  • Bachelor’s degree-sworn translation
  • Master’s degree-sworn translation
  • PhD-certified translation
  • Sworn translations of provisional certificate
  • Certified university transcripts translation
  • Sworn translations of certificate of practice
  • Sworn translations of Charter of mobility
  • Sworn translations of professional accreditation certificate
  • Sworn translations of certificate of membership

In addition, translates into journal other documents of academic nature that normally do not require translation sworn, such as:

  • Translation of CV
  • Translation of end of degree work
  • Translation of master’s work
  • Translation of end of career project
  • Translation of analysis and studies
  • Translation of academic publication
  • Translation of scholarly article
  • Translation of dissertation
  • Translation of thesis

Our Company also translates all the documents which have been included by way of example and others towards the Spanish, in the case of titles, records and certificates issued in other countries.

On the other hand, if you decide to make practices or seek work abroad it is essential that you have a curriculum and a letter of presentation perfectly well translated and adapted to the culture and labor market of the country of destination. There are differences from one country to another to prepare and submit a letter or a curriculum, affecting, among others, to the order of presentation of information, extension, the format, content or style, and that if they are taken into account can be of great help at the time search for jobs or attend an interview.

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