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Our translation Agency Boston is dedicated mainly to document translation services Boston, activity in which we have carried out numerous projects for international companies in virtually all sectors and fields of expertise for more than two decades.

Our translation services Boston are responsible to corresponding subject matter experts and undergo a thorough review. The text is not delivered to the client until it has passed all quality controls. All translations performed those specialized native translators, to be then reviewed by our in-house staff. Our quality control includes both formal aspects (format, spelling, numbers, integrity) as aspects of content (comprehension, language and terminology specialist) and stylistic (registration appropriate to the group to which target text, etc.).

In BOSTON TRANSLATION COMPANY we are familiar with the most modern technology and we use all the resources that currently exist, such as computer-assisted translation software (translation memories) and terminology extraction and management. Our infrastructure in the field of desktop publishing allows us to process and create texts in almost all known formats. We can distinguish six main types of translations:

Technical Boston Translation Services

Technical Translation Services

Most of the work consists of technical translations for the most various sectors of the industry.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Computer science
  • Telecommunications
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Quality Management

Our technical translation services Boston include technical manuals, product information, documentation, tenders, technical specifications, documentation projects, technical reports, expert reports, lists of cutting, catalogues, etc. Any technical translations you need you can ask our experts who will select the most qualified technical translators.

Most of the work consists of technical certified translation services Boston for the most various sectors of the industry. Each sector has a specific specialized vocabulary itself, we document thoroughly and by whose homogeneity and uniformity monitor at all times. To this end, BOSTON TRANSLATION COMPANY works with specialized native translators and has vast resources of documentation, as our extensive library of terminology databases, specialized bibliography and works of consultation, electronic dictionaries, glossaries and, of course, Internet. Backed by over 25 years of experience translating technical texts often.

Scientific and Medical Translation Services

Scientific translation services

In translation companies Boston, we have extensive experience in the certified translation services Boston of medical and scientific articles, as well as other scientific documentation or pharmaceutical registration.

  • Chemistry and biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicine and veterinary medicine
  • Medical technique
  • Dentistry and dental articles
  • Psychology and Psychiatry
  • Ecology and environment
  • Biology

This group includes the translation of:

  • Documents for the registration of medicines
  • Expert reports
  • Patent
  • Protocols
  • Scientific papers and articles
  • Case histories, medical records
  • Products, leaflets of medicines information
  • Technical data sheets, sheets of risks
  • Manuals
  • Regulations

To carry out the scientific and medical translations, it is necessary to be an expert on the subject. Experience accurate and why we commend the scientific translations only to professionals who have specialized training.

Over more than ten years, we have accumulated a stable core of scientific translators with the most diverse specializations – pharmacists, biologists, psychologists, food engineers, etc. – that collaborate with us as translators, advisors or proofreaders.

Financial, economic and legal Translations

Financial translation services

In translation companies Boston perform all types of document translation services Boston in various fields such as legal, financial or economic.

In this group include: commercial contracts, labor or civil, demands, resources, autos, orders and other documents related to judicial proceedings, extracts from commercial registers, articles in specialized press, writings, Constitution of societies, laws, claims of trademark and patent literature, reports of audit, balance sheets, annual reports, certificates of birth and marriage, books, academic qualifications and diplomas, company presentations insurance policies, or any legal document.

Legal translation requires great linguistic accuracy, the understanding of the archaisms used in this field and a deep knowledge of legal issues and terminology, as well as legal procedures. The same happens with the texts of the financial and accounting, with a very specific nomenclature. Does more than nineteen years we translate legal and economic texts to financial entities, auditors of accounts, real estate consultants, communities of owners, etc., and we have translators and sworn in-house translators.

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn translation, translation and public, official translation or certified translation Boston.

A single sworn certified translation Boston can be performed by a sworn translator enabled; in Spain, this profession is regulated by the regulations of the Office of interpretation of languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation, in their wording according to the Royal Decree 2002 / 2009, of 23 December and order AEC/2125/2014, 6 November.

Our translations are done with regular quality controls and format that required by the regulations by translator’s verified juries of our team.

We offer the translation of official documents and a multitude of languages:

  • Spanish-English
  • English-Spanish
  • Castellano-Frances
  • French-Spanish
  • Castellano-Italiano
  • Learning
  • German-Spanish
  • Castellano-Portugues
  • Portugues-Castellano
  • Italiano-Castellano

And many more combinations!

Translation Agency Boston offers you the service of sworn of all types of documents, such as official translation:

  • Notarial deeds
  • Certifications of the commercial register
  • Sentences
  • Annual accounts
  • Powers
  • Audit reports
  • Birth certificates
  • Certificates of marriage, criminal or faith of life
  • Degrees and academic records
  • Expert reports

Advertising Translation Services

advertising translation services

In Boston Translation Company specialize in advertising translation services for different channels of broadcasting and media.

This category includes brochures, multimedia presentations, scripts for corporate videos or products, packaging and texts, slogans, advertising campaigns, web sites, etc.

Our advertising translation services in this field range from guided or creative translation to copy writing (copy writing). Advertising document translation services Boston requires a special security of style and linguistic creativity, skills which we specifically select our partners. Depending on the role or broadcast that will have the text, the intervention of several people may be advisable to create a single text. Our company has a Department of advertising, which provides support and advice on large projects.

Services of Translation and Institutional

Boston Translation Company we provide translations of texts and documents for any public institution.

We work for numerous public institutions that entrust us with translations in the fields of politics, sociology, public infrastructure, international cooperation and the activities of associations…

The main difficulty of these texts, which often require a deep familiarity with today, is in its linguistic register and its specialized vocabulary. In this case, translations with linguistic errors or inadequate documentation can have a great public impact, so we take such projects only translators with experience at the institutional level that meet our requirements in terms of style and content.

Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services

Do you need to translate a website? In Boston Translation Company are experts in the translation of web sites so they have as successful abroad as in their country of origin.

The translation of web pages into different languages represent another specialized translation services offered by BOSTON TRANSLATION COMPANY. Our team develops detailed project website localization for those who has expert translators, as well as professionals who dominate major programming languages.

Currently, web sites present a growing degree of sophistication, since there are more and more resources for your design and programming. If you are interested in a document translation services Boston, enough to indicate us the address (URL) where it is hosted and our technicians will conduct a careful analysis to determine its structure and identify all translatable text. We can thus present an individualized offer. For sites dynamic or generated from databases, we can get in touch with the administrator of your web site to request the corresponding files.

Typically, a localization or translation of a web site successful spans not only the text that displays the user, but also which hides it in the form of meta-tags, graphics (interactive fields, buttons and other elements), CGI or multimedia components. The location also includes the correct integration of additional languages in the web tree, what supposed to update the corresponding links and, where appropriate, editing the main page, the files of Flash, etc. He project end that deliver to the customer is a version in the language desired fully functional and integrated in the joint of the web, so you not have that occupy is of nothing more.

Boston Translation Company has participated in numerous projects of localization and translation services in Boston, whose update is still in charge. Whether it’s programming as of design, have qualified professionals with advanced knowledge of applications, languages and most common tools, such as HTML, PHP, XML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, CGI/Perl, etc.

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