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It is the document translation services Los Angeles with official character of one or more documents. This type of translation may be called depending on the country, sworn, official, certified or public.
The most characteristic feature of the translation Agency Los Angeles is that each and every one of the pages of the document translation services Los Angeles must be sealed by the sworn translator who has done the translation Agency Los Angeles.

Also must contain your signature attesting that it is completely faithful to the original document. This header must appear at the end of the document. To perform a job with these characteristics is necessarily to the sworn translator the original documents, apostles, signatures, seals and stamps, depending on each case.

This mode may be required upon request of courts, public bodies, courts, notaries, embassies or ministries, among others… As mentioned above, translation services Los Angeles becomes certified when it is stamped on every page and is signed by a sworn translator. This fact gives the character of official document, exactly the same and identical legal validity as the original document.

Not to be confused the sworn translation services Los Angeles sworn interpretation that turns out to be the language transmission of oral mode, which occurs normally in trials or tribunals, whose content the interpreter is responsible for directly.

Documents requiring Sworn Translation.

translation services

There is a wide variety of documents that, as a general rule, if you need your translation services in Los Angeles, should be sworn.

We then present a list of the most common:

  • Statutes of societies
  • Contracts or agreements
  • Annual accounts
  • Purchase invoices
  • Balance of accounts
  • Judicial cars
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Reports of working life
  • Birth certificates
  • Banking certificates
  • Driving licenses
  • Finance forms

Court rulings (judgment of divorce, separation, adoption, etc.

How to know if I need a certified translation Services.

Certified translation company

Everything will depend on the purpose of having the document which is has to be translated and which is the institution or body to which will be the translation Agency Los Angeles.

They are usually necessary translations for all the arrangements that are made to institutions and agencies, requiring the submission of documentation with their respective translation into another language. They may request, among many others: universities, records, courts, public administration, a notary or any of the ministries.

When you have to file the sworn translation services in Los Angeles you should also attach the original document or in its absence, a certified copy thereof. If the legalization of public documents must be in a foreign country, sometimes, can be requested also provide an Apostles of the Hague, which is nothing more than a system for checking the authenticity of the original document (not the sworn translation).

It consists of a document, usually a sheet, which is added to the original text or adheres on the reverse.
In the sector business there are several cases in which is accurate translations, for example, in the case that a foreign company wants to create a delegation in Spain, or also, if a Spanish company wants to expand internationally, must translate their writings and articles of Association.

Who can make translations?

Sworn translation services in Los Angeles only can be carried out by sworn translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation (MAEC). You can also hire the translation to translation agencies that offer this service and who have sworn staff, translators as it is the case of our Mars Translation Company.

Depending on the country, accredited translators can receive different names. In Spain, for example, the official name is sworn, although colloquially it is called sworn translator. In other countries like Uruguay and Argentina are called public translator, in Colombia official translator or expert official translator in Mexico.

Returning to Spain, the appointment that empowers professional translators for document translation services Los Angeles sworn between Spanish and a foreign language, as we have seen is the MAEC. The function of the sworn translator is regulated in chapter II of the regulation of the Office’s interpretation of languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation, according to the Royal Decree 2002 / 2009, of 23 December.

What format must sworn translations have?


The texts that require a normally sworn translation show a specific format, unlike texts that require a simple translation, as for example, tourist, commercial or technical texts. This kind of documentation usually titles, certificates, certificates, etc., which mostly consist of seals, notes, watermarks or tables.
Regulations demand does not keep the original of the written format on which the sworn translation is performed. Naturally, apply a format similar to the original text largely helps understanding, collation and reading of sworn translation.

While lregulations current for sworn translation company Los Angeles does not require to use a specific format, it suggests how to proceed with the stamps, seals Sworn Translation Servicesand other representative elements. In a sworn translation is placed between square brackets everything corresponding to graphical elements that appear in the source text and its corresponding translation in case that is possible or necessary.

Basically, the final format of the translation is at the discretion of the sworn translator. This is free to comply with the format of the original document to the maximum, or perform the translation with a format more simple, simple and/or schematic so that reading is much more quickly and easily.

Thus, if the document to be translated has a dense format, as for example, an instance with multiple tables and fields, the sworn translator has the power to translate the fields in a schematic way on separate lines. If the original document contains seals or stamps, desperately not they must be located in the same place. The translator has the option to transcribe them in the same place, or in any other location of the page.

However, double-check the original document with sworn translation services Los Angeles in quickly and accurately, the best option is that the translation company Los Angeles respects the most structure and original pagination. That Los Angeles translation services respects the format, or not does not affect in any way the quality of the sworn translation.

The experienced sworn translator is able to decide, in each case, which is the best way to proceed. I.e., if the original format or not. This is because, by his experience, meet the usual requirements of each institution or body.

As discussed previously, the relevant Spanish legislation only regulates certain nuances in sworn translation Agency Los Angeles. To cover this deficiency, various associations of translators from different countries created a series of recommendations or standards of good practice.

Next we expose a relationship from which they believe to be most important:

They have transcribed those document fragments that appear in a language other than the one authorized to translate.

They have transcribed without making the translation all proper names, postal addresses or academic notes.

They have translated the name of institutions, ministries, agencies, etc., in the most literal way possible.
The abbreviations will be adapted in the target languages, without using any such abbreviation.

The dates, times and numbers are transcribed using the format used by the destination country.

Spelling or typographical errors have not been correct. They have been mentioned in the translated document.

If there are fragments of the original document that are intelligible or illegible, such as a low quality copy or a defective print, they will be described in document translated as such.

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