Document Translation Services Miami FL

Translation Services

In translation services Miami FL perform translation of texts and documents into any language, including, of course, the main European languages: English document translation services Miami, French translation, German translation, Italian translation and Portuguese translation. We specialize in translation of all kinds of texts and formats.

The sectors in which we operate include export and import through medicine, Informative, telecommunications, advertising, restoration, film, electronic…

  • Translation of texts for SMEs
  • Translation of texts for individuals
  • Translation for technical studies
  • Translation for law firms and economists

Legal document translation services Miami FL

Certified translation company

We translate texts of different specialties: translation of scientific texts, translation of legal texts, translation of economic texts, translation of documents, translation of journalistic texts…

  • Legal Translation Companies in Miami: contracts, powers, protocols and patents, trade agreements, legal documents, reports…
  • Commercial translation: presentations, catalogs, business plans, press releases, list prices, insurance forms…
  • Technical Miami translation services: technical specifications, manuals, engineering, operating instructions, web pages…
  • Sworn translation: academic record, titles academic, certificates of registration, criminal records, death certificates, marriage certificates, court records…
  • Literary translation: novels, poetry books, biographies…

Transcreation Services

Adaptation and personalization of content to other languages and cultures, to preserve the effectiveness of the original message, keeping the cultural nuances. Ads, slogans, messages, etc.

Interpretation Services

translation rates per word

Liaison interpreting, simultaneous, consecutive, sworn or telephone. With interpreters qualified and certified, experienced and specialized in different sectors of activity.

Translation of unwritten way refers to interpretation. We offer interpreting services in all their techniques and modalities:

On-site interpretation: the interpreter is present in the event / not on-site interpretation: that is done through phone contact, Internet or any other means of communication.

Simultaneous interpretation: the interpreter translates as the speaker delivers his speech, without arrests. For this technique of interpretation it is necessary to have the necessary equipment: soundproof booths, microphone and headphones. Simultaneous interpretation requires great preparation and capacity by the interpreter, who tends to translate into their mother tongue. Also each interpreter runs the interpretation in no extensive intervals of time. It is the modality that is usually used at conferences, seminars, meetings of shareholders and other acts similar.

Consecutive interpretation: the speaker intervenes and is leaving time for the interpreter translate what was said. Is usually used in courses, conferences, inaugurations and other events where you can not resort to simultaneous interpretation.

Liaison interpreting: the interpreter serves as an intermediary between more than one person and not only translates to a speaker, but all participants (e.g. in a meeting involving several people). The interpreter is often a role of accompanying person, so it is often used in commercial missions, tours and visits to factories or other facilities.

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage): refers to those cases in which the interpreter translates whispered form and without a team for a small group of audience. A form of this interpretation is “chuchotage with Briefcase”, i.e., when the interpreter translates into a portable microphone and listeners receive the interpretation through headphones portable.

In Miami translation services we offer the following types of interpretation:

  • Interpreters for fairs, congresses, trade missions, conventions, business meetings, preparation and/or presentations, negotiations…
  • Interpreters for interviews (TV & radio), press conferences and lectures.
  • Interpreters, medical, legal, tourism.

DTP Translation services

Editing, or multilingual composition in all formats, with review of final art. Edition of graphics, photos, screenshots, technical drawings, etc. in all languages


Specialized Miami translation services of products and software applications, e-learning courses or web pages. Comprehensive adaptation of content and requirements to the local market

Dubbing and Subtitling Services

dubbing services

Dubbing with native actors in recording studio: lip sync, documentary style or voice-over.

Subtitled Professional with specialized native linguists. Perfect synchronization with dialogues and images.

Transcription Services

Transcription services

Converting to text from any game format file. Transcription in all languages of audiovisual material, conferences, meetings or training courses.

When it comes to website translation must take into account that it is a complex activity that cannot be any translation company Miami.

Our web site is to get away from the company and should be faithful to our image and values to visitors of any country. So each one of the translations of our website must convey the same message and be faithful to it.

If you need a Professional translation services Miami of your website in English, French, German or any other language, our translation agency specializes in the translation of web pages into the main European languages.

Our website translation is characterized by:

Website Translation Services

Accurate translation: our translators web native 100% sure of is an exact translation of the website in the main language.

Quality translation: when it comes to translate not only is matter of words but of ideas. Our translation team is concerned that the translation into other languages would convey the message and keep the style of the original.

Native translators: when it comes to a web translation, not can be lightly since only a native translator has the language skills necessary to deal with the translation in a determining language.

Translation Agency Miami: has extensive experience in document translation services Miami from web pages and as a result, our translation team can guarantee the highest quality in web translation into English, French, German and many European languages.

What is the price of website translation?

Website Translation Services

In our TRANSLATION AGENCY MIAMI we will translate your website quickly to a very Low cost.

Voice Over Services

Phrases of high quality recording studio, in all languages, with native, all applications for professional speakers: videos, films, ads, multimedia applications, video games, e-learning courses.

Software localization

Locate the files that make up the product, regardless of its format or programming language, from the graphical user interface to the online help or manuals, with final testing.

Website localization services

Whatever the used CMS, we localize web pages and e-commerce platforms. Through installable modules designed by ourselves we can import / export databases and files, to facilitate subsequent translations, and even comparisons programmed for automatic update of translations.

Translation Services

Translation Services

Scientific translation: research papers, monographs, Texts University…

Translation services from Apps and Web pages

We translate your website quickly and accurately. In the case of thinking about creating a new web we coordinate with your programmers to offer you the best result.

Translators of native texts

We have a team of native translators with extensive experience in the translation of texts of different specialties to ensure faithful to the original document translation.

Professional translation requires a deep knowledge of the language which is translated but also culture, therefore, our translation service has a team of native translators who translate into their mother tongue.

With years of experience and specialized training, our translators ensure that a quality text using the terminology right and been faithful to the original.

What the price of the translation of texts?

The price of translation of texts or review is calculated generally by the number of words in the original text. The rate of translation of documents depends on the language, specialty of the text, volume and delivery time.

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn Translation Services

Access to translator’s official juries from English, French, German or Italian, 100% valid in Spain and abroad. TRANSLATION AGENCY Translation Agency Miami has sworn translators to offer optimum performance and ensure that your translation needs are satisfied.

Do you need to hire an Professional document translation services Miami FL? Sworn translation, also called, depending on the country, public translation, official translation or certified translation requires the services of sworn translation professionals.

On many occasions, the documents included in this category such as birth certificates, death certificates, academic, printed records of immigration.. .they are used in courts, police stations or other public bodies engaged in legal processes. These agencies have the right to demand that documentation be submitted in the official language and require you a sworn translation sealed by a sworn translator.

Our Sworn Translation Service Includes:

Professionalism: our team of professional official translators have experience in more than 100 languages to offer optimum service of sworn translation.

Speed: our sworn translation service is characterized by respect agreed delivery deadlines always guaranteeing the maximum quality of translation.

Price: we are committed to offer you a competitive price. To learn in detail our Professional translation services Miami FL rates, ask for price of translation sworn without compromise.

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