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Translation Services

Content marketing is a key strategy to boost the digital company positioning. The fact that search engines give a great importance to the creation of content, made companies to expand their shares of SEO positioning, develop blogs that bring them to their end customers. The translation of blogs and digital content, as well as approach and inform their customers of the brand, aims to organic positioning in search engines.

Our Translation Company has translators on staff with experience in translation for the purpose of SEO positioning. In this type of translation, strategic recommendations of each company are taken into account and adapt the contents taking into account the keywords defined for each client. The company’s efforts to get an organic search engine positioning, should be taken into account when translating, to move the content according to the keywords that correspond in the language, country or culture of destination.

For the translation of this type of content, translators tailored content according to SEO recommendations raised, keeping the author’s intention. For this reason, glossaries, translation memories and terminology databases, are used in order to prioritize the terminology recommended according to the company’s SEO strategy.

Extensive experience of translation and web for online marketing and communication agencies, such as:

  • Translation of blogs
  • Translation of magazines
  • Translation for SEO
  • Translation of web pages
  • Translation to e-commerce
  • Translation e-mailing
  • Translation for social networks
  • Location

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