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What is Technical Translation?

Technical document translation services Chicago is a variant of the specialized translations. He is the one who has texts with a high presence of terminology characteristic of a specific sector, such as: engineering, automotive, chemistry, electronics, mining, telecommunications, metallurgy, and construction.

They technical Chicago translation services are those in your documentation with a particular content, terms, words and phrases specific and concrete of a given sector use, and are not common in the daily language commonly used.

In practical cases are talking about manuals, user guides, datasheets, specifications specifications, patents or other texts that are aimed to a collective set of connoisseurs of the sector or profession. Such documents are characterized by having a more practical than aesthetic, unlike function for example, commercial Chicago translation services.

In all cases, technical document translation services Chicago require, apart from the essential native fluency of the language which is needed to perform the translation, a high level of experience and knowledge of the subject matter of the technical text by the translator. It is subsequently reviewed by another translator of the same characteristics or a native engineer specialized in the relevant technical field.

Technical Translators

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Thanks to our extensive experience in Chicago translation services, we are aware that the best solution for this type of translations, and is making them translators technicians native and licensed. They must have considerable experience in the sector or area of the documentation to be translated, since each area has its intrinsic characteristics.

A technical document translation services Chicago do not allow even a single error. A bad translation, for example in a chemical safety data sheet, can causes deaths. Technical Chicago translation services must be precise, accurate and faithful to the original text. A technical manual translated correctly, is an undeniable indication of the quality of a product.

The technical and professional ability of the translator provides the highest fidelity in the use of the most suitable terminology and avoid inaccuracies, inaccuracies or errors are committed by ignorance of the subject. The translator must not only have the language ability but also a perfect mastery of the sector-specific terminology.

For example, to translate from Spanish to English a list of technical specifications for construction of a building, the person responsible for carrying out the work would be a professional technical translator native and specialized in engineering and architecture. This ensures a result with the highest quality and that meets perfectly the function for which was created the original text in Spanish.

Methodology and tools for technical translations

On many occasions, in document translation services Chicago, we have a large technical translation projects. In these cases we created teams of several translators technicians working interconnected among themselves and with expert engineers in the subject which they are working. This achieves the terminological uniformity in all documents and can discuss and resolve quickly and accurately all possible questions.

For this reason, and in order to ensure the highest quality of our technical translations, we have a wide variety of great specialists and experts in the most common technical sectors in our template.

One of the first steps when making a big project is to create a specific Glossary of terms with the client. The elaboration of a good glossary of terms and expressions, with their corresponding definitions, from the beginning of the translation process ensures, undoubtedly used the terminology appropriate throughout the project.

An essential tool in this type of work, is the use of document translation services Chicago memories. With this system you get to always have a copy of the translated texts and all the contents, which allows us to retrieve this information and can be used in future translations.

Translation memories are in continuous updating to translations are being finalized. The use of memories ensures consistency of terminology and style in all of the translated texts and shortens the time required to perform the work.

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